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The Terrible Truth About Texting

The Terrible Truth About Texting
10/14/2010 4:46:30 PM
By Brooke Evans

Texting is a very popular method of communication for teenagers and adults. These days you see people everywhere with their heads down and their eyes glued to their phones, texting away. Texting is a way that you can send a quick message to another person without talking forever. It is also a fun way to talk to your friends! You can use symbols such as smiley faces and hearts to express how you feel, but did you know that texting can be bad for you?
"Too much texting is bad for your health," physiotherapists have warned. Many people have had neck, back, hand, wrist and arm pains from texting so much. When you text, you look down at your phone and your neck is being strained. To prevent these pains, keep your hands close to your body when texting. If you don't, the load is increased when you stretch your arms out. It will cause pain to your neck and shoulder muscles. Take regular breaks when texting. Also hold your phone up to your face so your neck won't be strained. If your hands or arms are tense or sore, massage your arm and put ice on it. Many kids are not being safe when they text and they don't even realize it! What kids don't know is that texting interferes with concentration. So never text while doing an activity that demands your attention, especially driving! Don't walk and text at the same time. When your head is down and you're texting, you can't see danger coming. When you text while your'e walking, bad or even fatal things could happen to you, like getting hit by a car! So don't walk across the cross walk or through a crowd while texting! There have been many stories of accidents happening to teenagers and adults when they are texting and trying to do something else. For example, one young woman was texting while driving and she hit a little girl who was walking across the street and the little girl died. Another girl was walking across the street while texting and she got hit by a car and was paralyzed from the neck down. It may not seem like it, but texting is a very serious matter.
Texing can be a fun thing to do, but just be safe about it!