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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic medicine is the most popular natural health profession in the world. It is a form of healthcare which optimizes the function of our central nervous systems by removing interferences within the important communication between our bodies and minds. Chiropractic adjustments maximize your body's self-healing capabilities by restoring this vital brain-body communication. Chiropractic allows your body to express its highest level of health and wellness without the need for drugs or surgery.
We assess each case on an individualized basis and devise a Custom Chiropractic Treatment Plan specific to each patient’s distinct health needs. To arrive at a well-informed diagnosis, our Professional Health Staff utilizes the most advanced diagnostic technology, conduct an in depth personal interview, physical examination, and explore individual health history. These tests are specifically designed to pinpoint the source of the symptoms that the patient is complaining of.
We Treat the Cause ~ Not Just the Symptoms
The Professional Healthcare Providers at Plantation Medical Rehab & Wellness will never prescribe medication or perform surgery to treat a patient complaining of pain or any health problem. Such treatment methods essentially “mask” the symptoms without resolving the cause of those problems complained of. We focus on actually treating the cause of our patients’ injury or condition, rather than simply alleviating their symptoms.  
Chiropractic Treatment truly resolves the malfunctions creating the symptoms patients complain of. We practice a ‘hands-on’ philosophy throughout every aspect of our patients’ treatment. By providing a battery of cost effective, pain-free and completely safe Chiropractic Treatment Procedures, we have successfully and consistently restored good health to thousands of satisfied patients of all ages for a wide variety of conditions, ailments, injuries and disease.
Maintaining a commitment to follow the Custom Treatment Plan laid out by Plantation Medical Rehab & Wellness allows us to “turn on the power” needed to expedite recovery, prevent future exacerbations, enable self-reliance and allow for optimal health & well-being.