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Spinal Decompression Therapy

Spinal decompression is a technique which involves the use of traction or separating the spinal segments to relieve lower back or neck pain. It is a great option for people suffering from pain and who may have a problematic history with painkillers. This technique is the gold standard for people with chronic spinal misalignment, bulged or herniated discs and other spinal issues. Flexion distraction and decompression can both ease pain and improve mobility without the use of expensive drugs that have side effects. 
A number of problems are caused by pressure on the spinal cord and or nerves. Compression of the cord, sometimes congenital and most times due to a bulged or herniated disc can cause pain and numbness into the legs and feet or the arms and hands, not to mention other more serious conditions like muscle weakness, organ dysfunction and even migraine headaches, just to name a few. 

Spinal decompression therapy involves mechanically stretching the spinal segments out, using traction. This relieves pressure on the vertebrae, discs and nerves. The lower pressure also gives the body a chance to flood the damaged regions with healing chemicals, hormones and nutrients, enabling the spine to heal itself faster.

Does It Hurt?
Spinal decompression should not be painful. Indeed, many patients find it a pleasant experience - akin to getting a massage. The release of pressure from compressed joints is usually a great physical relief, and Plantation Medical Rehab & Wellness will ensure that you are completely safe, comfortable, and supported during the process. Depending on the nature of your spinal problem, you may experience some discomfort during some portions of the procedure, but this is unlikely to be significant. Your chiropractor will be able to assess your situation, and tell you whether or not these techniques are suitable for you, or if you will find them painful.

Ultimately, the aim of spinal decompression is relief from pain. Patients who have long been suffering from chronic pain related to spinal issues frequently find themselves able to live a far more pain-free and mobile life following these techniques. This can drastically reduce the need for invasive spinal surgery, and side-effect ridden painkillers.